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Barging Service

Want to hire a barge without paying the cost of a big barge?  Do you have an island cottage or home near Port Severn?  If so, we can offer you a barge service that will save you money and get the job done!


We offer a pickup and delivery service that can bring whatever you need to your cottage without you worrying about damaging your beautiful boat. If you need wood, large appliances or anything you can't fit on your boat, we can help you out!

Do you have a bunch of junk on your island that you have been wanting to remove?  We will bring a barge do your dock so you can load garbage into bags.  When it's all loaded we will pick up the barge and your junk and take it to the landfill for you.  No hassles, friendly prompt service and you will be supporting a local family small business!

Email us at for more info!

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